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online wilderness survival class

Learn how to survive in the wilderness

online wilderness survival class will start December 13th 1. COMMUNICATION IS KEY 2. KEEP YOUR HEAD ON 3.TAKE INVENTORY 4.BUILD A SHELTER 5.AGUA POR FAVOR 6.KEEP THAT BELLY HAPPY 7.LIGHT THAT FIRE 8. Lay a fire 9.ONE WORD: TOOL 10.H-E-L-P 11.NAVIGATION 12. Know Your Priorities 13.Learn to Perform Basic First Aid Techniques, Kit or No Kit 14.How to Start a Fire with Nearly Anything 15.How to Find Water to Drink 16.Learn the Big Four to Always Find Edible Plants 17.Learn the Universal Edibility Test 18.Physical Needs: The Basic Hygiene You Can Ignore (and What Not To) 19.How to Build a Debris Hut 20. Wilderness Survival Kits: Top Ten Items 21. Wilderness Survival Concepts 22. Building a Fire Pit 23. Camping Knots for Wilderness Survival 24. Survival Bow Making Instructions How to Make a Quickie Bow from a Sapling 25.Survival Essentials: What Matters Most 26. How to Read a Map Topographic Maps 27.Outdoor Survival Techniques 28. Wilderness Evasion 29. Native American Basket Weaving 30.Building a Quinzee 31. Survival Fire Starters 32. Dakota Fire Hole $20.00 per adult for self-pace class $5.00 per child and 45.00 for a group or family contact or call me at 208-351-3407 my class will be on google class I will give you code for class

Date & Time

December 13, 2018

6:00PM - 9:00PM

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$20.00 per adult for self-pace class $5.00 per child and 45.00 for a group or family

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