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Bringing In The New Year In Time To Sleep

Dec 19, 2014 03:44PM ● By Shawna Meyer
Daybreak residents are invited to attend the second annual Noon Year’s Eve party on Wednesday, Dec. 31 at the Daybreak Community Center, 4544 Harvest Moon Drive. Since the event goes from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., it’s the perfect option for families with younger children, or parents who value their shuteye.

Last year, more than 400 people attended this unique midday celebration. There were so many people at last year’s event that the Daybreak employees decided to sell tickets this year.

“Last year it was so chaotic and crazy . . . This year with selling tickets we know that we’ll have a much more manageable crowd,” Live Daybreak  Program Coordinator Wendy Pettett said.

Tickets will be sold to Daybreak residents only. A ticket will cost $5 and allow up to six family members to get into the party. Those interested can purchase their tickets at the Daybreak Community Center every day leading up to the event and even on the day.

Custom Events Inc. will be helping provide some of the entertainment with carnival games along with some prizes. 

“I’m not sure what [Custom Events Inc.] is bringing out. They’re just going to pick a few of their most popular games and come out with those,” Pettett said.

Utah Jive will provide a DJ and photo booth.

There will also be snacks to enjoy. Attendees can snack on chips, dips, veggies and finger sandwiches. Kids can also participate in some fun, winter-themed crafts, which haven’t been decided quite yet.

“It’s a chance for families to celebrate New Year’s together. Some kids can’t stay up late, or their parents don’t want them to stay up until midnight, so it’s an opportunity for the whole family to have a fun celebration together,” Pettett said. 

Balloon Bonanza will provide over 800 balloons for a noon, instead of a midnight, balloon drop.