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South Jordan Journal

Creative Pursuits Bowl

Jan 30, 2015 01:27PM ● By Julie Slama
Jordan Ridge Elementary’s fourth-grade team recently won the state Creative Pursuits Bowl at South Jordan Middle School. Each of the five members received a trophy. At the bowl, the fourth-graders competed in a three-part competition: an original board game that ties into their grade-level curriculum, a skit to highlight the model and a demonstration of impromptu thinking skills. The students had to meet guidelines, such as materials they could use, a $10 cost limit and time period, and the more creative they were, the better they scored. Other skills students needed were in research, social studies, technology, language arts, public speaking, organization, memorization, collaboration, science, flexibility, originality and teamwork. Pictured are members Andrew Shackleford, Nethra Suresh, Lydia Perry, Somya Paritala and Clara Wicker performing their skit to highlight their board game on the water cycle.