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Business Spotlight: Dave's Barber Shop

Apr 24, 2015 07:27PM ● By City Journals Staff

Interior of Dave’s Barbershop

Dave’s Barber Shop

A haircut is just a haircut, right? Wrong! At Dave’s Barber Shop, a haircut is ritual, a nostalgic experience harkening back to a simpler day when men gathered at the corner barbershop to discuss everything from business, to sports, to current events. 

Dave’s Barber Shop, which opened this February in Daybreak, is focused on giving the male population a quality grooming experience. Dave’s Barber Shop is an authentic, classic, old-fashion barbershop offering mens’ haircut styles, boys’ hair styles, and old-fashioned straight-edge shaves. Dave’s expertise can provide both traditional, short haircuts, as well as contemporary and trendy styles.

David Bean, owner of Dave’s Barbershop

 “What’s trendy right now is the undercut and the razor fade,” explains David Bean, owner and barber at Dave’s Barber Shop.  “Barbers are typically the only ones who use a straight razor. Something few people who barber know how to do is blend with a straight razor, but that’s one of my specialties.”

Not only can a man get a fantastic haircut and a superb strait edge shave at Dave’s, it’s also a place to get a taste of the past.

Barbershops are places of continuity; they don’t change with the shifts in culture. The places and barbers look the same as they did when your dad got his hair cut. It’s a straightforward experience with none of the foo foo accouterments of the modern age. There are no waxings, facials, highlights, or appointments. Just great haircuts and great conversation. 

“Barbering goes back thousands of years,” Dave explains.  “Most recently it’s a tradition that we are trying to keep alive with the mom and pop shops that give the classic cut, not the quick in-and-out that you get from a big box store. Quality comes first and we are always willing to take care of the customer.” 

If you don’t know what to get your husband or dad for an anniversary or birthday, treat them with an old-fashioned lather and shave. Call Dave’s Barber Shop at 801-707-9337, or drop by 4775 W. Daybreak Parkway, in South Jordan.