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South Jordan Journal

Pageant Is About More Than A Pretty Face

Apr 24, 2015 08:10PM ● By Aimee L Cook

Current Miss South Jordan, Lexi Yraguen.

Evening gowns, swimsuits and high heels, the obvious signs of a pageant.  But there is so much more to becoming a pageant queen than what immediately meets the eye. 

Former Miss South Jordan turned Volunteer Pageant Director, Heather Jackman said that there is so much more to pageant life than people realize.

“Most people think that pageants are just pretty girls walking around in swimsuits,” Jackman said.  “However, that is only 15% of the overall score. Scoring is as follows: one on one Interview 25%, Talent 35%, Evening Gown 20%, Swimsuit 15%, on stage question 5%.  Interview and your platform are a huge part of the pageant that people do not realize. These girls are applying for a job with the city. They will be involved in a lot more than just the floats in the summer.”

Lexi Yraguen is the current Miss South Jordan. Although Lexi did not grow-up participating in pageants, she had what it takes to take home the crown. 

“Winning the title of Miss South Jordan was incredible,” said Lexi. “I never expected to one day be a ‘Miss’, but it has taught me more about myself than anything; a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Lexi was able to use her title of Miss South Jordan and her platform of Speak Up-Reach Out, a suicide prevention program, to reach hundreds of youth in the community. 

“I was able to do so many things this year as Miss South Jordan,” said Lexi. “I participated in DARE programs at several different elementary schools, talked to over 100 scouts about respecting women, and I talked to many about techniques of preventing suicide and comforted many who have dealt with a loss of a loved one. This was probably the best part about my year as Miss South Jordan.”

Morgan Bell won 1st attendant in last year’s pageant, also her first pageant experience. She will be returning to the pageant this year in hopes of taking home the title of Miss South Jordan. 

“I have been a dancer my whole life so I was used to being on stage, but the interview and onstage questions were very new to me,” said Morgan. “I was able to learn great interview skills from competing in the Miss South Jordan pageant and  I learned how to speak in front of people and  gained a lot of confidence in this area of competition. These skills also helped me as I continued on to my first year of college at Brigham Young University.” 

The Miss South Jordan Pageant takes place on May 8-9. The winner takes home the crown and a $2500 scholarship.