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South Jordan Journal

Mayor's Message

Jun 26, 2015 08:55AM ● By City Journals Staff
My fellow South Jordanians,

The South Jordan election season has begun! Thirteen candidates will compete for three seats on the city council. I wish to express my admiration to each person running. The election is a time for voters to evaluate the direction of South Jordan and for all residents to have a city-wide conversation about where we’re heading as a community. I hope each of you will find time to discuss the issues with your families before voting. As this election will be the first vote-by-mail-only election, more of you will be voting than ever before. 

I’d like to call your attention to a few of the issues:

Residential Growth: In recent years multi-family homes have accounted for nearly 70% of all housing growth! When I ran for Mayor, I made the case that the city should return to single family homes as the favored construction type. As our first order of business, the VMU zone (one that is favorable to new apartment growth) was repealed. It should be noted that most of the apartments and condos that are rising today were approved before this repeal. Killing VMU was a good start, but how we grow over the next several years will largely be determined by this election. 

Conservative Government: The city council can attest that in this season of large city surpluses, I have argued passionately for tax cuts; and I am happy to report that we have provided some tax relief. In 2014, the council approved a 2% property tax cut, and this year we cut an additional $300,000 in utility taxes. But we can do more. After all, when the city is wasteful, you are wasteful. When the city saves money, you save money. Tax cuts do not require cutting services or selling off parks. Much of the work of providing tax relief is simply saying “no” to ideas that are beyond the traditional role of government. I hope you will vote for a fiscal conservative in your district.   

Canal Water: South Jordan recently converted the water system at our large City Park to canal water. And we are working to provide more access to the neighborhoods. Doing this will take some of the burden off our fresh drinking water and ensure that this precious resource does not run out.

There are many other issues ranging from open space to schools, to ordinances and code enforcement that will be relevant to this election. The more the voters are informed, the better the governance. 

It is truly a privilege to serve as your Mayor and I am grateful for the trust given to me 18 months ago. I am looking forward to getting to know some new members of the council this January. May God bless this election and I hope you each have a wonderful summer!

Warm Regards,
Mayor Dave Alvord