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Letters To The Editor

Jun 26, 2015 09:14AM ● By City Journals Staff
Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing the article, “Local Teen Awarded Fallen Law Enforcement Scholarship” in the June 2015 issue of the South Jordan City Journal. It is nice sometimes to have good news instead of bad news. I admire Austin Dial because he did tons and tons of community service. I also admire him because he chose to do a Mormon mission. I thank you for writing this article. 

—Nate Rock
Age 12


Do The Neighborhood Watch Patrols Really Help?

We have been doing the Neighborhood Watch Patrols for about 10 years in our neighborhood and I feel it is very important. We do the day patrol and patrol on the weekends in our area. Over the years we have seen police officers come and go. The Neighborhood Watch Officer over the city has changed and we continue on. 

We have 77 people help with our night patrol and 24 people help with our day patrol. We also have others who help with window patrols. We have set up an emergency plan for our area and we practice the earthquake drill with the state of Utah each year. I feel because of the patrols we have become a closer neighborhood and friends have been made that will last forever.  

We do not have enough police officers in the city to be everywhere at the same time and so I know our patrol helps them to protect the city of South Jordan.  We have been told by some of these officers that they really appreciate the help. I am one who will stand up and say thanks to anyone who becomes a police officer or a firefighter. They serve us and even risk their own life to protect us. I am very happy that our Neighborhood Watch can help in any way to make their job a little easier. 

I know last week when the winds and the snow storm hit, one of our neighbors organized our neighborhood and many of the neighbors worked together to help remove trees that had fallen. I feel that Neighborhood Watch is important in our area, because it helps to unite us and when called to help we are willing to go. I want to thank all the drivers and anyone involved in our Neighborhood Watch Program for going the extra mile and serving to make our community a safer place to live. I also want to thank all the police and firefighters who work in South Jordan.

—Kathy DeWitt

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