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Early Light Academy Students Keep Minds, Bodies Safe

Jan 04, 2016 12:14PM ● By Julie Slama

By Julie Slama

South Jordan - In the past, Early Light Academy held traditional Red Ribbon activities, stressing the importance of alcohol and drug prevention, mixing it with fun dress-up days. This year, the weeklong event was extended to include internet safety, emergency drills, stranger danger as well as substance abuse prevention.

“We decided just to run the whole gamut so students can make better connections of what it means to be safe,” school Assistant Director Rabecca Cisneros said.

The theme, “Heroes Keep Their Minds and Bodies Safe,” ties in all the safety activities the week was expected to cover, Cisneros said. 

The activities kicked off Monday, Nov. 9 with students wearing red shirts for Red Ribbon Day. Stressing to students to not do drugs, decorating classroom doors and tying red ribbon around the school were slated.

On Tuesday, Nov. 10 students were to wear hats and “use your head and be safe.” Many of the emergency drill procedures were to be practiced. On Wednesday, Nov. 11, students were expected to learn about stranger danger and to come to school with mustaches as the day’s theme was, “we mustache you to be safe.”

On Thursday, Nov. 12, it was “heroes keep their minds safe” and sixth- through ninth-graders were to learn about internet pornography from a Utah NetSmartz presentation. On Friday, Nov. 13, students could wear superhero clothing as they signed a safety pledge poster that would be hung in the hallway.

“We want students to become proactive and be ready, make the smart choice and have practiced what to do if a situation occurs. We’re a Seven Habits school (referring to the Leader in Me program that was developed using Sean Covey’s “Seven Habits of Happy Kids”), so this falls under ‘I’m responsible for me,’ trait and in this case, ‘I’m responsible to make safe choices,’” Cisneros said.