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Intersection at Bangerter and 11400 South to Become a Freeway-Style Interchange

Mar 10, 2016 09:13AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Sandra Osborn | [email protected]

South Jordan - Improvements are coming to the intersection of Bangerter and 11400 South. 

“UDOT is pursuing a critical upgrade [to convert] the Bangerter corridor to interchange expressway status,” Jim Horrocks, from Horrocks Engineers, said to the South Jordan City Council on Jan. 19. 

This project comes as a continuation of UDOT’s long-term plans to get rid of all the lights along Bangerter Highway and convert intersections into freeway-style interchanges. 

The improvements are anticipated to be similar to the recently completed intersections at 7800 South in West Jordan and Redwood Road in Bluffdale.

11400 South has been selected along with three others (5400 South, 7000 South and 9000 South) as priority locations where improvements can take place in the near future. Conversion could begin as early as 2017, pending the outcome of environmental studies and funding.

The project extends beyond keeping traffic moving on Bangerter Highway.

“We’ll also be looking to 4000 West and see how that intersection is impacted by the new interchange with the ramps that come in and tie in with 11400 South, and we will also look at the oval-about [down at the District] and see how we can make it function better in the future, both for traffic and pedestrians,” Brian Atkinson, UDOT design manager, said. 

Some users have found the oval confusing and ineffective. Currently UDOT envisions replacing the oval about with two closely spaced lights, but there are no definite plans yet, according to Horrocks.

“We are looking at visibility impacts we know are going to be generated by creating the grade-separated interchange, and how that will impact residents and businesses. It will be a great benefit for traffic and [it] will improve safety along the corridor, but there will be some impacts and some property acquisition that will have to occur. As we evaluate our options, we will be looking at how those impacts can be minimized to the most extent possible,” Atkinson said.

UDOT is coordinating with city staff and meeting with them to better understand the issues surrounding this area. UDOT hopes that involvement with the city will help the process go smoother and better, according to Atkinson. 

Funds for the 11400 South intersection have been secured and UDOT is currently carrying out environmental studies to evaluate anticipated benefits and impacts to the area. The environmental study will carry through the spring of 2016. 

UDOT is taking a proactive approach in reaching out to the public. Although there are no definite details yet on how the improvement will take shape, UDOT’s goal is to be as informative as possible and keep the community informed of the direction the project is headed. 

“We sent about 700 mailers to residents and property owners near the interchange area and we have already started to get a response,” Bo Hunter, UDOT representative in public involvement, said. 

“Information is going out via existing outlets, such as the city’s website, newsletter and social media,” Hunter said. 

“In-house, we are working to share information through the Bangerter study website, the 24-hour hotline and a dedicated email account. The staff is monitoring and making sure that we are interacting and returning calls and emails as prompt as we can so that residents and businesses aren’t left hanging without information,” Hunter said.

UDOT encourages members of the community to engage with the project and give their input. A public open house is scheduled for March at a date and location still to be determined. 

In the meantime, residents can visit the UDOT Bangerter/11400 South website at and join the mailing list for updates. Residents can also email  [email protected] or call   the hotline at 888-766-ROAD (7623)