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South Jordan City Hosts Gale Museum’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Aug 23, 2016 01:47PM ● By Mylinda LeGrande

The petting zoo at the Gale Center 10th Anniversary was a hit. —Mylinda LeGrande

By Mylinda LeGrande | [email protected]
 South Jordan City celebrated the Gale Center of History & Culture’s 10-year anniversary on July 30. Residents and non-residents were invited to join the festivities, which included food, pioneer games, stories, music, a petting zoo and giveaways.
The petting zoo included a chicken, baby pig, rabbits, a goat, a pony and a lamb. Kids enjoyed seeing the animals close-up, petting and holding them. Some Boy Scouts were on hand to run a variety of old-fashioned games that children could play. One volunteer handed out ice cream sandwiches.
Greg, Amanda, Lucy and Charlotte Jeffs attended the free event. Amanda, Greg’s wife, had previously attended a library story time at the museum.
“I saw a flier and like to attend cultural events,” Amanda said. “This is a cute little museum. I like history, too, and it’s neat to see the history of South Jordan. “It has an exhibit of an old grocery story, clothing the kids can try on, a cute school that they have recreated with desks and a blackboard. It’s fun for kids to just go in and explore.”
The museum is operated by volunteers. Many are lifelong residents like Jean Jackman, who has lived in South Jordan for 50 years. She used to live in Olympus Cove, but they put I-215 through her house, so they moved to South Jordan where there were only 10,000 residents at the time. According to Jackman, South Jordan used to be called Gale in the late 1800s because of the winds that would blow in the area.
“I’ve been a volunteer here at the museum since before it opened,” Jackman said. “There is a farmhouse, a service station, grandma’s house, River of Life, [Native Americans], outside is a stagecoach and old farm equipment. There is also a dugout replica. This former library is perfect for us.”
A newly remodeled mining exhibit was unveiled to the public at the event. It featured a replica town that once operated at the heart of the community’s rich mining history.
Another volunteer was very excited to operate this new exhibit and show the kids a how the replica explosive device worked.
“I’m on the historical committee and have lived here for 44 years,” said Luane Jensen. “For a city this size, this type of museum is amazing. My friend, Jean Bateman,  told the city that if they wanted to restore the history of South Jordan, they needed to get a museum.”

The Gale Center’s website describes the museum as an interactive and educational place committed to preserving American by offering historical and contemporary glimpses of the various culture, geography, art and folklore.

“The idea for the Gale Center of History and Culture was born by several longtime citizens like Jean Bateman of South Jordan,” the website states. “These citizens wanted to create a place to learn about and experience the rich history of South Jordan and devote space to the students and members of the community to spend time. The history and story behind the development of South Jordan is so important to the livelihood of the Wasatch Front. Families came here to build a life together in a new place, start traditions and build memories that could be passed down to future generations.”