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17 SoJo Winter Fitness Solutions for 2017 Resolutions

Feb 08, 2017 04:33PM ● By Mylinda LeGrande

Resident sleds on hill in Daybreak (

By Mylinda LeGrande | [email protected]

Staying fit is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, but sticking to a workout routine in Utah’s harsh winter conditions might seem daunting. Try these tips to keep your exercise goals alive in February. 

  • Join a gym: This may be the first thing that comes in mind when you plan your fitness New Year’s resolutions. Ask any member that regularly attends the gym throughout the year—that attendance at the gym may double or triple in the first few months of each new year. Machines are over-crowded, classes are full and there isn’t a spare space in the parking lot. The regulars at the gym may endure “New Year’s Resolutionists” for a few months until their motivation fizzles out. But, for those of you that are new to the gym scene, this may be the ticket to getting in shape. You can choose from a variety of gyms in South Jordan, including Kubex, Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Vasa Fitness, Orangetheory, Curves, CrossFit Evo, Kaizen Energy and Nutricentro. Each gym may offer different exercise styles, classes and activities. While one may provide personal training, others may provide privacy. Some are gender specific, and others may be starting new trends. You can go with a friend or go solo. You need to make sure to pick a location and style and suits your personality and needs, so your membership doesn’t end up being an expensive casualty after March. 

  • Attend a fitness class: If a big gym isn’t your thing, try a class at a smaller facility. One class that is growing popularity in the area is High Fitness. These are taught either at the South Jordan Recreation Center or Elite Academy in South Jordan as well as a variety of locations though the Salt Lake Valley. Buy a punch card or pay a drop-in fee, and your first time is free. Another class fitness option for flexibility is at a Yoga Studio such as Mind, Breath Body, Lifetime Fitness or the South Jordan Recreation Center.

  • Cross- country ski in Daybreak, Jordan River Parkway or at a city park: This option does not cost any money after the investment of purchasing or renting the equipment. 

  • Snowshoe: Pick a park or trail in South Jordan, such as the Jordan River Parkway and either, walk, jog or run. Jogging at 5.2 mph can burn up to 570 calories in an hour, according to says. You can listen to your favorite tunes and snowshoe alone, or bring the whole family for a relaxing outdoor exercise outing.” Ryan Delaney, resident says, “I got started as something fun to do in the winter and explore new trails. It is a great workout, depending of course on the terrain and how hard you push yourself. A flat casual walk around a golf course isn't going to be as good as a quicker climb up to Dog Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon for instance. Golf courses tend to be a good option in the winter, assuming they don't have an issue with it.” He offers these tips for the snowshoe novice, “If you can walk, you can snowshoe, so don't be intimidated. Dress like it's 10 degrees warmer than it really is. You can work up a good sweat and don't want to be overdressed, [so] go out and explore and have fun!”

  • Go tubing or sledding: There are a few steep hills in neighborhoods and parks in South Jordan. Bring your inflatable tube or sled. Using your own manpower, you can burn a lot of calories. According to “Northern Virginia Magazine,” snow tubing can burn 477 calories in an hour if you weigh 155 pounds and are walking back up the hill. 

  • Ice Skating is a traditional winter activity to keep active. Rentals will be available for the public inside the Warming Hut adjacent to the South Jordan Plaza Ice Rink at 10650 South Beckstead Lane. Enjoy this activity until March 3, weather Permitting. The hours of operation are Sunday–Saturday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Ice skate rentals cost $2, and overnight rentals are an additional $1. Skate rentals are first come, first served, or participants can use their own skates outside scheduled rental hours.

  • Rent a fitness video from the library: Shauna Ball, a South Jordan resident, likes to work out to an exercise video she gets from the library when she isn’t running. “Once a week, I use a cardio or strength training video,” she said. “I use them to help strengthen muscles that don’t get much use when running. I also like them for stretches since I am not good at stretching after I run.”

  • Shovel show. Put some headphones on under your snow hat and listen to some tunes while clearing a path in your driveway. Dr. Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, Internal Medicine, answered on behalf of Johns Hopkins Medicine says that in “just 45 minutes of shoveling snow burns about 300 calories. (This is based on a 150-pound person).” Make sure to use a shovel with an ergonomic handle design and to lift with your legs, not your back. It is also a good idea to warm up first, just like with any other exercise.

  • Sign up for the Date Dash 5k: South Jordan is offering a race event on Feb. 11 at 10 a.m. The SoJo Date Dash is a chance to race for great prizes to restaurants, movies and other date opportunities from local sponsors, while staying fit. All participants get a long-sleeve Date Dash Race Shirt and runner medal. Contact Brad Veske, 801-253-5236 with questions, or visit to sign up.

  • Try an adult dance class: Many already know you can sign kids up for dance classes in the community, but what about adults? The Academy of Ballet Arts offers classical Adult Ballet in their South Jordan studio. South Jordan Recreation center offers adult jazz, ballet and ballroom classes.

  • Compete in Waist Watchers: This city program runs from Nov. 28-January 2. You weigh in, set a goal and then earn prizes. Cost is $5 for members of South Jordan Recreation Center or $10 for non-members. While this program is over for this year, you can look to your employer for other weight loss program ideas that may be ongoing.

  • Play on an indoor soccer league: Residents can sign up for an indoor coed recreation team at Gardner Village. 

  • Play on a recreation or church basketball league: Men and women can sign up for a church-sponsored league (no membership required) and at Lifetime Fitness center with the Ultimate Hoops program. Some free local church programs include South Mountain Community Church’s Men’s Ministry Basketball Church League and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (men and women teams). For a fee, men can join a Salt Lake County Recreation league and play at South Jordan Middle School. Women recreation leagues are also available, but games are played at surrounding cities.

  • Go swimming at Marv Jensen Recreation Center, South Jordan Aquatic Center or at Lifetime Fitness Gym: Taking an aqua aerobics class or swimming laps is a refreshing winter fitness activity. You can also hire a swimming coach to work on your technique if a triathlon is one of your New Year’s goals.

  • Try Martial Arts: World Martial Art, Family Tae Kwon Do, USSD South Jordan and South Jordan Recreation Center offer these classes. says, “Martial arts are a high-aerobic workout that uses every muscle group in the body. Your stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and strength will all improve through martial arts. A one-hour session of moderate intensity martial arts can burn up to 500 calories.”

  • Sign up for tap dancing: South Jordan Recreation Center offers a 1940’s style tap class for adults on Mondays from 8:30–9:30 p.m. for $30 a month or a one-time $10 drop-in fee.

  • Go running:  It may be only 8 degrees outside, but at least one group of women from a South Jordan neighborhood still goes running whether it is sunny, rainy, snowy or windy. Lisa Ashton, one of these residents, said she likes to run outside with friends and neighbors. “Running outside is better than the other options,” she said. “Being outside is good for the soul. Most of the winter we are stick inside. It feels good to get outside and breath the fresh air. When I’m committed to meeting someone, I ignore the voice of reason in my head telling me it’s too cold.”