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Jordan Ridge Elementary teachers take revenge on the volleyball court

Mar 05, 2019 03:50PM ● By Julie Slama

Students and teachers face off in the 13th annual student-teacher volleyball match. (Melissa Beck/Jordan Ridge)

By Julie Slama | [email protected]

The idea was to make it a fun way to conclude several weeks of teaching sixth-graders volleyball. After a tournament play, the top sixth-grade team as well as the top players from each of the teams then got to play a faculty team for the bragging rights of being the best at Jordan Ridge Elementary.

This year, the faculty wanted to reclaim the title. After 11 straight years of victory, the students won last year.

Students and faculty all pointed to teacher Bryan Youtz’s error — when the ball went out of bounds — that gave last year’s sixth-graders the win.

“I talk a little bit of smack, just in fun, saying how the teachers will show them up,” he said. “We all know it’s in fun, and we’re respectful as we joke around, but I can be competitive. Last year, the students beat us, and I had to eat my words.”

This year, it was time for revenge for Youtz and the teachers. For the students, it was a chance to keep the streak alive.

“I said I was confident we’d regain our title last year,” Youtz said. “Today was the day I had to ensure we did just that.”

Even with a warning from the referee, who was a teacher, that any arguing with the ref would be a point deduction from the team — “I just lovingly pointed out the line to the ref,” Youtz said, the teacher team became victorious, winning both matches.

Sixth-grader Abbie Nielson, who has played recreational volleyball, was disappointed. 

“We worked together to play as a team,” she said. “We didn’t want teachers to win. We tried our hardest. Every year, but last year, the teachers have slaughtered the students.”

While her teacher, Frankie Walton, said the height advantage of the teachers helps them to win games, Abbie is hoping next year’s sixth-graders can beat them.

“It was so fun, but I’m cheering for the students next year,” she said.