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Daybreak’s new Highland Park: One of only 12 like it in the nation

Apr 22, 2019 03:51PM ● By Jordan Hafford

Mayor Dawn Ramsey addresses the crowd at the grand opening of Daybreak’s new Highland Park. (Photo by Triana Ord/South Jordan City)

By Jordan Hafford | [email protected]

Spring is in the air, and so the spirit of outdoor living bursts into bloom in the Daybreak community with the grand opening of a brand-new park on the newer side of town, Highland Park Village. 

The new Highland Park (6050 West Lake Ave.) sits on a 20-acre lot on the southwest end of the picturesque Daybreak community in South Jordan. 

“Making sure that we maintain open space for both recreation and relaxation is important,” said South Jordan City Mayor Dawn Ramsey. “It’s crucial as this community grows, and it’s something we really have to be mindful of. The park is in this really rapidly growing area over here, and those needs are going to be met at this park.”  

The playground structure at the park is very unique and is only the second one of its kind in the nation. The concept, city officials believe, is going to provide fun and safe recreation for people of all ages. The play tower sits majestically atop the 20-acre open space of the park. 

The city has big plans for the park, with two concerts already planned for the upcoming summer season. The Battle of the Bands competition is tentatively scheduled for June, and in August, musical artist Carver Louis will be performing. 

Highland Park’s new playground structure, one of only 12 like it in the country. (Jordan Hafford/City Journals)

“We’re just so excited to have a new, beautiful open area to enjoy the good weather in,” said Daybreak resident Chelsea Tangler. “My kids can drive me nuts in the house during the summers, and this is just a nice little jaunt from our house.” 

This park, among others, was part of the overall initial plan for the community of Daybreak. The city plans to develop 80 full acres of park space, and the grand opening of Highland Park marks the first step toward that goal. There are plans for three other 20-acre parks as this plan develops out.

“We need the open space because the homes are all fairly close together, and there’s a lot of them,” said Julie Holbrook, appointed vice chair of South Jordan city planning commission. “So, you need places to get out in the open and for the kids to have a place to play. In the near future, there will be a new library that will bolster our city’s infrastructure even further. This really is going to be a whole community in and of itself.”

Groundbreaking for the new County Library Daybreak branch was April 22. Ramsey, along with Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson, were both in attendance to discuss the integral new aspect of the Daybreak community. The estimated completion date is summer of 2020. 

With all of its big development plans still underway, we can expect the community of Daybreak to continue to mature recreationally. Ramsey said of the new park, “We are very excited because this is going to be a beautiful amenity that will serve all the residents of South Jordan for decades.”