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‘The Sound of Music’ comes to South Jordan

Jul 25, 2019 04:10PM ● By Amber Allen

“The Sound of Music” was South Jordan Arts Council’s first full-scale theater production. (Amber Allen/City Journals)

By Amber Allen | [email protected]

The Oquirrh Hills are alive with the sound of music. The South Jordan Arts Council held its first full-scale theater performance during the second week of July, choosing to perform “The Sound of Music.” Taking place at the South Jordan Community Center on Redwood Road, the council tapped mostly local talent for this first production. 

With so many amazing and notable musicals to choose from, selecting the right one wasn’t easy. But, Heather Smith, the South Jordan Arts Council chair, wanted a classic, one that allowed both young and older performers to participate. “The Sound of Music” features broad appeal. It is a musical that people from all walks of life enjoy. Many remember watching the movie version on television during its annual showing when they were younger, while others own a copy of the movie.

The actors who performed in South Jordan’s first theater production can sing. Those who bought tickets were treated to a professional performance, one directed by Shawn Kidd. From Farmington, New Mexico, Kidd loves musical theater and was responsible for a number of productions when he was living there. Here in Utah, he is the choir director and theater teacher for South Jordan Middle School. 

Those acting in the show range from seasoned performers to first timers. Lynette Gardiner attended the auditions with her daughter, Sarah Gardiner, who encouraged her mother to try out for a part. To Lynette Gardiner’s surprise, she was cast as a nun. While performing in community theater was a new, scary experience for Lynette Gardiner, she found it to be highly rewarding and something that she would definitely do again. 

When people come together to put on a show like “The Sound of Music,” they become family in the process. Lynette Gardiner said even though she was new to the stage, the other cast members welcomed her and made her feel comfortable. She also had the chance to work with her daughter, an added bonus. 

The attention to detail that those behind the scenes paid to the production was incredible. There was concern about the gloves that the captain wears and whether they could get an Austrian cross ordered and shipped before opening night. 

Community theater comes with many benefits. It builds community by fostering relationships and establishing a support system in the area. Community theater introduces people to the magic of a live musical performance. It gives people a chance to meet like-minded individuals, creating lifelong connections. Community theater enriches those who are performing as well as those who are in the audience. 

Across the country, performing arts programs are being cut. This is not only sad, but it is also dangerous. The arts inspire creativity. They help us feel, become who we’ve always wanted to be and gain empathy for others. 

The South Jordan performance of “The Sound of Music” took place from July 11 through July 20 at 7 p.m.. It gave community members plenty of chances to see it. Hopefully, this was just the start of many years of community theatre in South Jordan. The arts are needed for humanity. 

“Please let your city people know how important the arts are,” Smith said.