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Behind the Journals: a new series from the City Journals

Oct 30, 2019 04:34PM ● By Justin Adams

Hello Reader,

My name is Justin and I’m the online editor here at the City Journals, and today I’m happy to be introducing you to a new feature we’re working on. 

‘Behind the Journals’ will be a place where we give you a peek behind the curtain at what we’re doing. As a local newspaper company, we want to continue to be an important, reliable and influential fixture in the many communities where we produce our newspapers. A big part of that involves creating a bond of trust with you, our reader.

In today’s world that’s overflowing with information, readers want (and deserve) to know where that information is coming from. Who decides what’s newsworthy? Is there an “agenda?” Is it “real news?” Every news organization has a responsibility to answer those questions.

Our goal is that through this blog, our readers will have those questions answered but also have the chance to get to know who we are at the City Journals. You will know what our values are, what we are working on and most importantly, how we’re trying to make your community a better place. 

Each week, a different member of our City Journals team will write a short letter, similar to this one, in which they’ll provide a little insight into some aspect of what we do. 

Our hope is that these letters will help you get to know us a little more, and hopefully, be another way for us to gain your trust as a source of local news. 

- Justin Adams, City Journals Online Editor