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South Jordan venue puts food trucks in the driver’s seat

Mar 04, 2020 12:44PM ● By Libby Allnatt

South Jordan venue The Hub is a new project from The Food Truck League, an organization that aims to connect a network of local food trucks and coordinates and hosts events. (Courtesy of Taylor Harris)

Libby Allnatt | [email protected]

A local organization is changing the way we think about grabbing a bite to eat. 

The Hub in South Jordan is the work of the Food Truck League, an organization that aims to connect a network of local food trucks and coordinates and hosts events. 

“It all comes down to community and connection—that’s what our company is focused on, bringing great food and communities together,” said Taylor Harris, the Food Truck League owner and general manager.

The expansive building located on South Jordan Parkway and accented with pops of fire-engine red is the only venue rental in Utah focused on food trucks, said Harris. The large bay doors open, making the indoor and outdoor flow together seamlessly.

The Hub is open for both private rentals, which Harris said is more common in the winter when there are fewer public events going on. The Food Truck League will help match renters with food trucks for the event for a variety of local eats. The indoor space, which measures 1,700 square feet, allows for protection from the elements. 

“It’s really geared to keep that feel you get with food trucks,” he said. 

The venue is also home to public events, such as the Chalk Art Contest last summer.

“A lot of our events, and why it’s important to support food trucks, is you’re really supporting your community,” Harris said. “You’re coming out and meeting people, you’re mingling.”

The Food Truck League came about to help support food trucks, many of which were going out of business despite immense talent because there weren’t enough opportunities or support for each truck, Harris said. 

“We saw a need for a group to help work for the trucks and provide business services, marketing, create events, partner with different organizations to help support these trucks,” he said. 

Harris said he’s enjoyed watching the industry grow, with some food trucks even opening restaurants or second trucks. 

“When we first started, I think there were five trucks or so that had been in business for about a year,” he said. “Now, we have over 100 trucks that have been in business over a year.” 

In addition to coordinating events at The Hub, the Food Truck League hosts League Nights throughout the valley, including one in Daybreak. Information about which food trucks will be available at League Nights can be found on the Food Truck League website or social media pages. 

The Food Truck League also caters and coordinates events such as Food Truck Thursdays at the Gallivan Center, bringing a variety of eating options for those living or working in the downtown area looking to try something new for lunch. 

Harris said in addition to the economic benefits of supporting local businesses, it is also important for community and connection. 

“One of the things that’s rewarding in life is a connection with others,” he said. “Food trucks offer what you don’t get with assembly-line food. You get a connection with someone who cares about what they’re doing; they’re crafting something special and unique. It provides a different experience.”

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