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South Jordan trails offering Story Walks

Jul 13, 2020 01:16PM ● By Susan Palmer

The walking path has stories from popular children’s books posted along the trail. (Susan Palmer/City Journals)

By Susan Palmer | [email protected]

Looking for a pleasant place to walk, run or ride your bike? Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, South Jordan officials turned the Jordan River Trail into a Story Walk. 

The walking path has stories from popular children’s books posted along the trail to help keep young and young-at-heart readers interested while they are getting some much-needed freedom and exercise outdoors. The Story Walks began on April 10 and will continue until Aug. 30.

This has been successful in attracting people to the Jordan River Trail, so now there is a second option. The Bingham Creek trail has also been turned into a Story Walk.

These trails are a welcome change to walking on the city streets of South Jordan dodging traffic and road construction. The traffic with the return to work for many people in the state of Utah has also meant a return of traffic to SoJo streets. This means more noise, more pollution and also more interruptions while walking and running.

The South Jordan River Trail Story Walk offers a park-like atmosphere along the Jordan River. The tree-lined trail along the river is a welcome return to nature with birds and butterflies and the calming effect of the meandering water of the Jordan River.  People are walking, running and riding bicycles. Dogs on leashes are also welcome. There is even an equestrian trail for horseback riding. The traffic noise is minimized in most of the park. Now, there is the added attraction of children’s stories posted along the trail for interested people.  The trailhead for the River Story Walk is 947 West Shields Lane. 

The Bingham Creek Trail Story Walk is also removed from traffic and follows the Bingham Creek dry wash in South Jordan. This trail will be part of the new Bingham Creek Regional Park that is now under construction as a joint venture between South Jordan and Salt Lake County. This trail has a park-like atmosphere also and an asphalt trail and a welcome change from the ever-increasing traffic noise and pollution. The entrance to the Trail is at 4500 West Skye Drive.

Participants can submit photos to South Jordan with their favorite pages and send them in for a chance to win prizes. Instructions can be found for photo submissions at

“It is important to keep offering recreation programs to residents during these uncertain times to help improve our resident’s mental well-being and reduce stress,” said Janell Payne, South Jordan’s associate director of recreation. “South Jordan City has a group of amazing coordinators that have been able to think out of the box and come up with these fun and exciting activities.

When taking part in these activities, be sure to use social distancing and also be careful and safe with children and pets along the Jordan River waterway.