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SoJo Police Department asking residents to get involved in Neighborhood Watch

Sep 08, 2020 02:47PM ● By Susan Palmer

The SoJo Police are asking residents to become involved in Neighborhood Watch groups. (Susan Palmer/City Journals)

By Susan Palmer | [email protected]

The SoJo Police are asking residents of SoJo to step up and take some positive action and become involved in Neighborhood Watch groups, or at the very least, calling the police if they see some activities that look suspicious.

Neighborhood Watch is defined by SoJo as is a group of people living in the same area who want to make their neighborhood safer by working together with the help of local law enforcement to reduce crime and improve their quality of life. Neighborhood Watch empowers residents and communities to become active in emergency preparedness, as well as the fight against crime and community disasters.

The statement below was posted on the SoJo website from Jeff Carr, South Jordan chief of police.

Carr said, “I ask that all residents become involved in their community. Becoming involved in a Neighborhood Watch group or just calling the police when you see suspicious activity are immediate ways to help. Participating in public forums to discuss policing or asking to meet with me to discuss issues or concerns are welcome. I will always try to address your concerns promptly. We are fortunate to have a low crime rate in South Jordan, but we are not immune from serious criminal activity. We welcome and look forward to seeing more of you participate in our collective public safety efforts. We know we aren’t perfect, and we are always looking for ways to improve. We believe engaging with our community and involving residents are essential to those continuing improvements and a successful police department. On behalf of the police department, thank you for your support and engagement in the city and with us.”

Carr said SoJo residents need to be involved to maintain a low crime rate where people feel safe to pursue their lives without fear. The police force in SoJo is asking for your help to identify crime early and also to give them needed feedback on ways they can improve their community involvement. Carr said reducing crime should be a community effort and that everyone in SoJo is responsible for making the community a safe place to live.  

If you would like to start, restart or join a Neighborhood Watch group, contact the SoJo Crime Prevention Unit by either emailing [email protected] or calling 801-254-4708.