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Local business owner baking up mini pies for the masses

May 12, 2021 11:53AM ● By Rachel Aubrey

South Jordan business owner Carol Timmons is on a mission to make her a pie every day philosophy available to the community. (Rachel Aubrey/City Journals)

By Rachel Aubrey | [email protected]

Longtime South Jordan residents and serial entrepreneurs Carol and Rick Timmons have brought a “little slice of heaven” to their community. 

Flake Pie Company, located at the South Jordan Town Center, has brought a unique rendition to an all-American dessert. After 16 years in the restaurant industry, Carol and Rick, along with investors, recognized that the individually sized pies could hold their own against the plethora of desserts available to Salt Lake County residents. 

“With the individual sized pies, it’s something you can order for yourself, or give as a gift; it’s a nice, sweet treat in a small portion,” she said.

Flake Pie Co. opened its doors in November of 2020 and has been baking nonstop since that first day, with the request for mini pies, or hand sized pies, heightened on weekends and holidays. Even amid the pandemic, and not knowing what to expect, Timmons admitted that opening the shop happened very naturally, with every aspect falling into place from the idea, to the location.

“We thought, “Why not? Everyone needs a little joy in their lives,’” she said.

The shop boasts sweet classic flavors such as “Apple of My Pie” that holds true to the traditional apple pie filling in a flaky crust but in a more manageable portion, or “Sweet Child O’ Lime,” which has a graham cracker crust and a sweet, yet tart, key lime filling. 

“I think everybody is a believer in my concept of pie every day, not just for special occasions,” she said.

As word spread, customers began to inquire about savory pie filling as well. After spending many years abroad, Timmons knew that a take on the meat pies found in countries such as New Zealand would be successful.

With the same concept of the mini pies’ there are flavors such as “Hey Pig Spender” a flaky crust filled with Kansas City barbecue pulled pork, roasted corn, beans and melted cheese, as well as the pie that is a take on a classic comfort food, “Boom Chicka Licka,” chicken and veggies rolled together in a gravy with cheesy potatoes mixed in.

“Some of the flavors we created on demand,” she said.

Although not classically trained as a pastry chef, Timmons has managed to turn her hobby of making delicious treats into a successful profession. Even with the “pie for any occasion” philosophy, the shop also serves “flakies” a gourmet version of a toaster pastry, which Carol has been perfecting for her family for many years in addition to the ever so delicate Pots de Crème, a French inspired custard dessert.

As much time and hard work that Timmons dedicates to the shop and various other business ventures, she enjoys working with different members of the community. With her three children working alongside her, overseeing all the marketing needs of Flake from photography to social media, Timmons attributes hard work and kindness as being the reasons for her success in life and business.

The idea is simple: pie every day.

For a complete list of flavors, or to order online or for delivery, visit the website at