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Bingham High thespians open season in renovated theater with 'Clue'

Nov 18, 2021 02:44PM ● By Julie Slama

With its auditorium under construction, Bingham High opens its theatre season with the high school version of “Clue” in the Copper Pit. (Julie Slama/City Journals)

By Julie Slama | [email protected]

Colonel Mustard with the rope in the dining room.

At Bingham High, students are getting a clue as they bring the popular board game to life.

The high school version of “Clue” will be performed in the round at 7 p.m., Nov. 18-20 and again, Nov. 22 in the school’s Copper Pit, 2160 South Jordan Parkway. Tickets will be available at the door and are available at

“We felt performing this farce type of show in the round would go along with the chaotic feel,” said Bingham co-director Brittany Andersen, who said that students have been rehearsing since auditions in late September. “It’s a favorite movie and fun script that we knew both the students and patrons would enjoy.”

The storyline is a dark and stormy night when guests arrive to a dinner party. Each of the guests has an alias and a weapon, so in this comedy, patrons follow along to figure out “whodunnit” with their favorite board game characters.

The show features Emily Hill as Miss Scarlet, Alexa Herrera as Mrs. Peacock, Taytum Ligman as Mrs. White, McKay Hancock as Prof. Plum, Ben Tate as Mr. Green, and Brian Ferguson as Col. Mustard. 

The set design of seven rooms used in the show is created by senior Emma Powell, who also drew the “Mamma Mia!” set last year. Powell is the historian and tech manager on the school’s theatre council.

“We discussed how to be a minimalist, then she hit the ground running to design the set,” Andersen said. 

By presenting a fall play, Andersen and co-director Jason Purdie are hoping the renovation of the school’s auditorium will be completed by the time 2022 rolls around so their yet-to-be-announced school musical can take the stage in February.

Before that happens, the musical theatre class will perform, “A Wop A-loo Bop,” a musical based in the 1950s with a group of teenagers who plan to make it big in the music industry, only to learn the local radio station said that “Rock ‘n Roll has got to go.” The show will be performed Jan. 11-13 in the Copper Pit.

In March, advanced acting students will compete at region with “She Killed Monsters.” State will be in April.

Andersen said that “'She Kills Monsters' is a pretty cool play.”

The story is of “average Agnes,” who loses her parents and younger sister, Tilly, to a car accident in Ohio in 1995. Because she viewed Tilly as a geek, Agnes and her sister weren't close while Tilly was alive. Agnes decides to learn more about her by playing a Dungeons & Dragons module her sister wrote, allowing the show to take place both in reality and the fantasy of the game world.

“It’s a crazy fantasy, but heartfelt as she finds herself and hopes to become a better person,” Andersen said. “We’ve talked as a theatre council about the children’s book this is based on and the power of it.”

The 15-member theatre council also holds activities and performs service for club members and supports the school’s improv team, which recently was selected from the 50 students who auditioned. 

The 17-member improv team is expected to perform in early December and will earmark its donations to True Blue, the school’s fundraiser for a yet-to-be determined charity.