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New axe-throwing business smashes into South Jordan 

Feb 02, 2022 02:09PM ● By Rachel Aubrey

Owner Krystal Williams wants her customers to be safe, have fun and throw axes. (Photo by Rachel Aubrey/City Journals.)

By Rachel Aubrey | [email protected] 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, residents have the option this year to whisk their significant others away to throw axes, splatter paint or smash glass bottles. That’s exactly what owner, operator and South Jordan resident Krystal Williams wants for her customers, the opportunity to experience the satisfaction that her business, Axe n Smash will bring them. 

Williams opened her doors in July 2021, and has seen her share of couples come through for birthdays, anniversaries and of course, date night. 

“We have a lot of dates come through here,” Williams said. “You’d be surprised how many people come for birthdays and anniversaries in our smash room.” 

Not just for couples, Axe n Smash has something for everyone including two paint splatter rooms (for any age accompanied by a parent), two smash rooms (18 years and older) and seven lanes for throwing custom-made axes (ages 16 and older).  

“We really wanted to bring an activity-based business to South Jordan,” Williams said. “We wanted to bring diversity to this area.” 

Bringing something truly unique to this end of the valley are the paint splatter rooms. Those wanting to paint don’t need to worry about the mess, there are ponchos, hair covers, shoe covers and eye wear. Customers each get a canvas to splatter paint on that they can take home after. If using the washable paint isn’t enticing enough, customers can try glow in the dark paint. Paint splatter rooms accommodate 2-4 and are the only of its kind in Utah. 

“Our main goal is to bring the best experience to our customers in every way possible,” Williams said. 

After time spent with her uncle, the owner and operator of the American Fork location, Williams said the two of them took a lot of time to research what it is that people were wanting in terms of entertainment.

The “smash” component of Axe n Smash according to Williams is the ultimate couple’s therapy. For a 30-minute (two or three people) or 50-minute session (four to six people), customers can have at it, smashing glass bottles, old telephones and various electronic equipment, all of which is properly recycled afterwards. Protective eyewear, gloves, face shields and jumpsuits are provided to ensure safety during the chaos. Each smash room comes complete with an Alexa device, allowing customers to listen to whatever music they feel is appropriate for the occasion.

“You go into that smash room and rage out and smash to your hearts content,” Williams said. “The glass smashing is people’s favorite part; they find it satisfying.”

Last but certainly not least is the axe throwing side of the business. Williams has custom designed axes brought in that are specific to axe throwing in addition to the armory, an assortment of smaller metal objects: throwing stars, knives and throwing cards all aimed at providing a little variety for the customers.

Axe n Smash is equipped to provide six interactive games or targets to ax throwers, projected onto the soft wood they use, positioned 12 feet away from the thrower. According to Williams, the most popular game is the zombie hunter, where axes are hurled towards zombie heads.

While this all sounds exciting, Williams said they take safety very seriously. Age requirements are in place to ensure safety of the customers in addition to three-strikes-out policy. If customers have to be reminded more than three times of the rules, they no longer get to participate.

Axe n Smash’s recently welcomed Mayor Dawn Ramsey and her family to try axe throwing. The recently re-elected mayor shared pictures via her social media.

Axe n Smash is available to for corporate events, parties and other larger gatherings.

For information about prices and bookings visit its website at