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Daybreak offers templates for waterwise park strips

Aug 04, 2022 02:02PM ● By Peri Kinder

South Jordan City, the Daybreak Community Association and Larry H. Miller Real Estate have partnered to create water conservation easier for residents in the master-planned communities of Daybreak. 

“Water is a precious resource and we take water conservation in South Jordan very seriously,” said South Jordan Mayor Dawn Ramsey. “Providing more options for more residents and doing it in partnership with businesses is an important part of a concerted effort to conserve water in our city.”  

Brad Holmes, president of LHM Real Estate, is excited about the partnership with the city to integrate water conservation into the Daybreak community’s landscaping guidelines. Instead of lawn in park strips, the guidelines suggest a mixture of drought-tolerant shrubs, perennials, boulders and groundcovers to add interest and beauty to neighborhoods. 

“We are excited to partner with our residents and South Jordan City to increase water conservation and support our sustainability goals through waterwise landscaping,” Holmes said. “We encourage residents to take advantage of South Jordan’s rebate program and work with the Daybreak Community Association to select a waterwise template for their park strip.”

South Jordan’s Flip the Strip rebate program provides opportunities for city residents to apply for funds to cover the cost of transitioning from lawn park strips to waterwise plants and drip irrigation. Residents can earn up to $300 rebate when grass is removed from the park strip and replaced with drought-resistant plants, irrigated with a drip system. 

Drip system conversion kits are available through the city and include everything a resident needs to convert from spray heads to drip irrigation. A park strip that utilizes waterwise plants and watering systems can reduce water use by more than 80%. For more information about the rebate program or conversion kits, call 801-253-5203 ext. 502.

Waterwise templates have been created for Daybreak and include a Great Basin Prairie park strip filled with ornamental grasses, a Utah Cottage Garden park strip composed of perennials and shrubs, and Wasatch Heritage, an area of plants accented by landscape boulders. 

South Jordan City Public Information Officer Rachael Van Cleave reminds residents the waterwise rebate program is available for any home in the city, not just Daybreak.

“South Jordan offers hundreds of dollars in rebates and water-saving assistance through our water conservation program,” Van Cleave said. “There are rebates available for waterwise plants, rock mulch, concrete and curbing to help any South Jordan City resident flip their park strip and reduce the amount of grass they have in their yards.”

Daybreak’s waterwise design standards can be found at and the full list of South Jordan’s waterwise rebates is available at

“We want this to be an easy process for Daybreak residents,” said Cindy Spillane, executive director of the Daybreak Community Association. “We have always supported water conservation and hope this collaborative effort will encourage more residents to participate.” λ