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Comcast deploys new multi-gig internet speeds in Salt Lake City

Dec 13, 2022 05:27PM ● By Peri Kinder

Homes and businesses in Salt Lake City were introduced to Comcast’s new multi-gig internet speed, delivering downloads speeds up to 2 Gbps over existing network connections. On December 13, Comcast announced the launch that will roll out nationwide, reaching more than 56 million households by the end of 2025. 

The new offerings will be the largest and fastest-ever multi-gig network and WiFi deployment in the United States. It will be a seamless transition, connecting millions of users to internet services and will double in capability, speed and reliability every two years. 

A launch celebration in Salt Lake City brought together local Utah Comcast network engineers and senior leaders, community partners and Comcast Headquarters Chief Network Officer Elad Nafshi.

“This is the beginning of a transformation, and we’re well on our way,” Nafshi said. “We have architecture that is built for infinite scale. This is architecture that will enable us to offer multi-gig services across our footprint.”

The average home has 25-30 devices connected to WiFi and internet services. Comcast’s rollout will help keep those phones, computers, appliances and TVs working reliably. Real-time visibility allows Comcast to address issues as they arise, dispatching technicians to the right locations, armed with tools to fix problems across the network. 

Built with sustainability in mind, the network complies with regulations for data center sustainability. Over the next seven years, the amount of power needed to provide services will be reduced by 50%.

“Investing in technology and infrastructure ensures Salt Lake City maintains the fastest and most reliable internet service for our residents,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall. “In my work as a founding member of the Utah Broadband Coalition, I’ve seen how the benefits of Comcast’s investments extend to businesses, government organizations, students and all

Utahns; including seniors, veterans and those in low-income households. We greatly appreciate

Comcast’s announcement today because it prepares us for tomorrow’s demands.”

In addition to multi-gigabit download speeds, Comcast introduced faster upload speeds to Xfinity Internet customers in Salt Lake who choose xFi Complete. New speeds will be up to 10 times faster than current levels and deliver the industry’s best combination of speed, coverage, and control, powered by one of the world’s first Wi-Fi 6E Gateways.

“I had the opportunity to launch the previous revolution. In late 2016, we launched the infrastructure we rely on to deliver services today,” Nafshi said. “In 2016, we rolled out the very first modem and 18 months later it was available everywhere. That’s the path we’re on right now. By the end of 2025, this network upgrade will be available to 56 million households. The vast majority of our network will be fully upgraded.”

Faster speeds are just one of the consumer benefits made possible through Comcast’s

efforts to evolve its entire network to 10G, a next-generation technology that will stay ahead of customer demand for connectivity. The 10G technology allows enhanced speeds and performance to millions of people using existing connections, without having to dig up yards or streets. 

Comcast has nearly 5,000 miles of fiber throughout the state of Utah, serving more than 1 million customers, including 100,000 in Salt Lake. Transitioning to a digital network, powered by a virtualized platform, Comcast engineers can reliably maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade network components almost instantly, with a few keystrokes. This makes the network more energy efficient and is an important element of Comcast’s plan to become carbon neutral by 2035.

“The local teams really empower all this to the community. They are pushing this technology that is so scalable and so seamless to the customers. They make it happen,” Nafshi said. “It’s so much hard work. There’s a tremendous amount of hard work by many women and men across the company, whether it’s corporate or a regional division or locally here in Salt Lake.”

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