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A Passion to Lift Moms Higher

Apr 12, 2023 09:55AM ● By Comcast
Robbyn Scribner is a passionate advocate for women’s professional development. Her commitment to empowering women began in 2020 when she co-founded Tech-Moms to help women raise their game, develop skills, get higher pay and be mom.
“During my 15-year-long career break, I met many women who found themselves in a panic and had not planned on having a career or hadn’t much work experience,” Robbyn said. “Some found themselves facing a divorce or a partner’s disability, and the financial stability they thought they had was suddenly gone. I wanted to help more women avoid that situation by creating ways for them to support their family.”
Tech-Moms, a non-profit organization that helps women transition into or re-enter a career in tech, empowers moms to create career development opportunities while simultaneously being great mothers and caregivers.
Robbyn's message to students at Tech-Moms is clear: take a chance on yourself. Of the 300+ students who have completed the program, 40% are single moms who are the primary provider for their families.
“Being a single sole provider for your kids can be scary,” she said. “When you’re a mom who has been faithfully working to raise your children, suddenly needing to get a job that pays a fair salary is overwhelming, especially if you haven’t developed the skills.”
That’s where Robbyn, Trina Limpert and Mikel Blake combined skills, vision and a firm determination to literally make dreams come true for women who may feel trapped or hopeless.
“I didn't know what else was out there,” said Allison Worthy, a mother of four children and
cosmetologist. “I didn't know how I could do something for myself and finally get a job and do
something besides being a mom. I had no idea where to turn or what to do.”
Robbyn champions women like Allison to look for new possibilities for themselves and to be successful in both their vital role as mom and caregiver, as well as pursue careers that will support their families financially.
But it doesn’t stop there.
“You have to make company leaders aware,” Robbyn said. “That’s where we actively encourage
employers to invest in diversified women by recognizing the unique set of skills and perspectives women bring to tech roles. When they see that, it’s like magic.”
Thanks to tireless work by Robbyn, Trina and Mikel, organizations such as Comcast have partnered with Tech-Moms, providing cash funding and in-kind support for their technical training program.
“The work Tech-Moms is doing is truly making a difference in the lives of hundreds of families in Utah,” said Deneiva Knight, External Affairs Director at Comcast. “We wholeheartedly champion that cause.”

Allison and more than 300 Utah women have learned coding, cyber security, and data science from expert tech trainers. What’s more, over 100 companies have jobs for future tech roles, setting the stage for Utah women to make incredible contributions.
“During March’s National Women’s History Month, which honors women who quietly and profoundly influence society, culture, families, and communities, we celebrate Robbyn’s ongoing commitment to help Utah women succeed in tech by increasing access to resources they need for fulfilling careers in this industry,” said Knight.
“More than ever, the opportunities are here in front of us,” said Robbyn. “To every woman, we say, ‘Take a chance on yourself’ because they deserve it, their families deserve it, and companies will benefit greatly.”
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