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Chalk art festival makes art accessible for Summerfest audience

Jul 07, 2023 10:15AM ● By Rachel Aubrey

The winner of the team’s category Breanna Hotly, along with mom Jane Brown, drew a realistic version of a “Kitty Dream.” (Photo courtesy of Tiffany Parker)

One of the many attractions at the South Jordan Summerfest was the chalk art display sponsored in part by the South Jordan Arts Council and ZAP. Beginning on June 2 and despite the weather, artists were seen huddled under canopy’s and EZ-Up tents to begin their creations. Artists were given time on June 3 to put the finishing touches on their art, and winners of the contest were announced at 2 p.m.

For $25 per individual artist and $35 per art team, artists could enter one of the following categories: youth, teen, adult, team or professional. There was also a people’s choice award and a mayor’s pick award. The entry fee included supplies and a hat.

Brooke Keithley is a returning artist from Cottonwood Heights. She works not only in chalk art but as an apprentice in tattoo art as well. This year’s Summerfest is the fourth she has participated in for the city of South Jordan, and she is always glad to participate each year to help usher in the summer season.

“Chalk art itself for me is like bringing in summer,” Keithley said. “You can be out in the sun.”

Keithley began her Asian inspired gold fish picture under the protection of a canopy and was entered in the professional category.

“I love chalk art because it makes art accessible,” Keithley said. “This is a great opportunity for lots of people at this event to experience the arts.”

The chalk art festival also provides an opportunity for those younger artists who are just beginning their artistic journey. Beverly Lofgran, 12, and Scarlett Pugh, 8, had most of their chalk art picture completed despite the rainy conditions that prevailed that day. The cousins drew and drew as mom Taunya (Lofgran) watched the girls bring their vision to the pavement.

“They can be inspired by others by coming here and trying this,” Lofgran said.

South Jordan resident Breanna Holtry won first place in the team category, her mom Jane Brown was by her side as well as her niece as the family created “Kitty Dream,” a realistic juxtaposition of a cat astronaut in the ocean, surrounded by fish. Holtry, who got a degree in art education from Brigham Young University, also taught art for six years in both elementary and high school.

“I like art because there are so many ways to do it,” Holtry said. “As an art teacher I think it’s important to have a chance to create art and also to look and enjoy art.”

Both Holtry and Brown wished more would sign up to participate in the chalk art festival but also felt that the weather may have kept some away. 

Those wanting to support the arts efforts in South Jordan can opt into the “Round it Up” program where utility customers can “elect to have their utility bill rounded up to the nearest dollar and the increment will be donated towards funding the Arts in South Jordan City.” To enter residents can call 801-446-HELP.

For more information about the upcoming arts activities visit λ

The winners of the contest were as follows:

Youth Category

1st Place #109 – Elaine Bogus

2nd Place #127 – Aven Grimshaw


Teen Category

1st Place #128 – Erin Grimshaw

2nd Place #115 – Karlyl Baun


Adult Category

1st Place #102 – Brenna Brown

2nd Place #129 – Kai Hunter


Team Category

1st Place #100 – Breanna Holtry Team

2nd Place #132 – Aryn Tharp Team


Professional Category

1st Place #113 – Camille Grimshaw

2nd Place (Tie)

#114 – Brittany Shepler

#112 – Nicole Kleinman


People’s Choice Award

#117 – Tristan Valdez


Mayor’s Choice Award

#105 – Lexie Daley Team