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South Jordan Journal

The City of South Jordan transforms city hall into a waterwise example

In a concerted effort to set an example for waterwise landscaping and usage, the City of South Jordan recently completed a transformation of the grounds around South Jordan City Hall (1600 W. Towne Center Drive) to water-wise landscaping.

City officials have been leaders in water-wise design and South Jordan was the first city to win Utah’s Water Efficiency Award in the effort to create a drought resilient state.

“We want to be part of the waterwise solution,” South Jordan City Manager Dustin Lewis said. “We’ve made a long-term commitment to being a leader in the way people can conserve water, and transforming the landscaping around city hall is one of many steps we are taking as we move forward.”

South Jordan updated the landscaping around the public works building in 2022 which, like the city hall project, included the removal of underutilized grass areas, installing water-wise plants and replacing pop-up sprinklers with drip lines. City staff completed the work at both project locations.

“We are proud of the work we’ve done to set an example for water conservation in the state of Utah, and we’re fortunate to have such talented staff who can do the work of converting our landscaping, saving the city money in the process,” South Jordan Mayor Dawn Ramsey said.

South Jordan was approved for American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 funds for the city hall project and for converting the park strips on 2700 West, from approximately 9400 South to Horseshoe Circle (approximately 10000 South).

South Jordan also has a robust waterwise rebate program for its residents and boasts one of the first comprehensive water conservation programs in the state. The program is designed to help residents conserve water by offering rebates for waterwise fixtures and landscaping, as well as a $20 credit on water bills for residents who sign up for the customer water portal. The portal allows residents to monitor their water consumption, set goals and detect leaks, making it easier for them to conserve water. The full list of South Jordan’s waterwise rebates is available at

“In South Jordan, we are steadfastly dedicated to building a better future,” Ramsey said. “One step towards that goal is our commitment to sustainability and securing our water supply. It is with great pride that we receive recognition for our efforts in this regard.”

These waterwise programs are an ongoing effort in South Jordan. In July 2022, the city allowed Daybreak residents to take advantage of South Jordan’s rebate program by submitting a copy of their approved design review application, implementing one of the waterwise park strip templates provided by the Daybreak Community Association. 

South Jordan City follows the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District’s watering guidelines. λ