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Glenmoor Golf Course wins two awards from the PGA of America program

Mar 04, 2024 11:35AM ● By Tom Haraldsen

Glenmoor Golf Course professional Darci Dehlin-Olsen brought home two awards from the PGA Show this year. (Photo courtesy of the PGA of America)

It would be an understatement to say that golf runs deep in Darci Dehlin-Olsen’s DNA. She’s been playing the sport since the age of 4, growing up in a family of golfers that included three older siblings. She even drew a picture while in kindergarten of herself being a golf professional. Dreams come true.

The head pro at Glenmoor Golf Course in South Jordan has proven to be a game changer for years, and in January she was presented with the PGA Jr. League #GameChanger Award during the PGA Show. It’s an award created by the PGA of America’s Player Engagement team to celebrate the efforts of junior golf league coaches who promote the game for youth golfers and help them grow.

“We grew up and played at Glenmoor and I’ve always loved this course,” she said. “I’ve been the pro here since 2017, and before I got here, there was an effort to close the course and turn this land over for development. We couldn’t allow that to happen.”

Coupled with a lot of support from the community, the junior golf league program and many others, the city council was persuaded to look for another buyer to take ownership of Glenmoor. It worked, and the course is busier than ever today and “thriving,” Dehlin-Olsen said. “I got here at just the right time.”

Like a lot of girls growing up in Utah who loved the game, high school golf was not an option until the sport became sanctioned for girls by the Utah High School Activities Association in 2008. So, she played on the boys’ team at Copper Hills High. Her siblings all played at Bingham High (which was too full for her to attend during her prep years). Ironically, her daughter will play golf at Bingham High in the future.

One thing she knew she wanted to grow was junior golf, and today Glenmoor sports the state’s best junior golf program and one of the top in the nation. That’s one reason for the #GameChanger Award.

“I love the junior golf program,” she said. “It’s great to be part of a team and get them on the golf course to actually play. We kept it going during the COVID lockdown and we had a huge boom of activity. Golf is great for everyone’s mental and physical health—getting outside and being off of screens. I love watching my students improve and hit goals, and we have a great relationship. We joke and laugh and really enjoy our time together. What better way is there to spend time than helping and promoting our youth?”

This year, Dehlin-Olsen picked up two awards–for Top PGA Section (a regional award) as well as Top 25 National Program. 

“We can’t understate the extraordinary achievements of these coaches and professionals, and we’re both appreciative and proud of their commitment to growing the game,” Senior Director of Player Engagement for the PGA of America Steve Tanner said.

Dehlin-Olsen is especially pleased with the growth of the girls’ program. About 35% of her junior league program is made up of female golfers. That growth will lead to creation of more women PGA professionals, who today make up less than 5% of pros in the country.

“The PGA is making a big push to get more young women interested in joining the association,” she said. “I think we have the same challenges that men do entering the sport—starting at the bottom and working your way up. But it’s like all professions. You put in the time and build up your skills and talents and resumes as much as you can.”

She also loves the family-friendly nature of golf.

“Everyone can play it, no matter how good they get to be. You can bond on the golf course and the challenges are the same for everyone playing the same hole. Participation by youth in golf and tennis is continuing to grow each year. It’s an exciting time to be part of this sport.”

The significance of this award is borne out in the metrics—there are more than 30,000 PGA of America Golf Professionals in the United States. Glenmoor has one of the top 25 PGA Junior League programs in the nation, led by Darci Dehlin-Olsen.  λ