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South Jordan artist promoted by MakerPlace at Michaels

Apr 12, 2024 12:02PM ● By Peri Kinder

Jande Laula, a South Jordan artist, displays some of her floral creations at the Michaels store in Riverton. Laula is part of an in-store pilot program that highlights crafters on the store’s MakerPlace platform. (City Journals)

When the creative retailer Michaels launched its MakerPlace platform in March, it opened an avenue for local artists to grow their business by selling their handmade crafts and products on the site. 

South Jordan resident Jande Laulu has created unique stickers, cards, bookmarks, art prints and coloring books for 14 years. A lifelong Michaels customer, she was selected to help debut an in-store pilot program with MakerPlace at the Michaels store in Riverton (13282 S. Kestrel Range Road) with her platform page Jande Summer. 

“I brought a wide variety of the things I sell online, which I feel the community will love. But the coolest thing I love is the connection to the people,” Laulu said. “I’m meeting people, I’m talking to them. It’s just really cool to be part of in-person selling again.”

When Laulu’s son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, she needed a way to have a career while working from home. She has been selling her products on other craft websites for years but jumped at the chance to create a site on MakerPlace and partner with Michaels. 

“I love Michaels and I wanted to be part of it. I just thought that it was amazing,” she said. “The store setup was so easy. Once I started selling things, Michaels immediately started featuring things that were on trend and they started featuring things that were, of course, seasonal, which is great. So they tell you what they’re looking for, what they’re asking for and they give you those opportunities to show up and to participate in different campaigns.”

The in-store selling program gives local artists the chance to sell directly to Michaels customers and it allows customers to support handmade craft businesses. As a dedicated customer of Michaels, Laula draws inspiration from the store. Her floral-themed products include unframed prints, colorful notecards, Zodiac coloring pages with birth flowers and custom keepsake art prints. 

“I just love anything floral because it’s something bright and cheery,” she said.

As she continues to build her brand, Laula is excited about her opportunities through MakerPlace. She hopes to continue the monthly in-person selling but would also love to host classes and get her painting kits out to people so they can host their own art parties. Her goal is to get more people engaged in creative activities so they can feel the satisfaction of making something homemade. 

Laula encourages artists to look into creating a site on MakerPlace, noting its ease and competitive fees compared to other platforms. People interested in creating their online store can reach out to Laula through MakerPlace. For more information, visit

“Once you get your stuff in your shop, you start filling your shop, sharing it and promoting yourself,” she said. “When it comes to promoting your stuff, it’s about taking that first step and getting out there and taking that jump. There are endless possibilities once you promote it. I would tell people to just try.” λ