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Life and Laughter Reader Response

May 03, 2024 12:07PM ● By Peri Kinder

Over the last few years, more readers are emailing us about the Life and Laughter columns that run in the Journal. Last month, realizing the topic was more controversial, we decided to ask for reader feedback. Our readers left nearly 200 responses. 

Over 60 percent of readers agreed with the article. Here is a small sampling of the comments that we received from our readers.

“I always love Peri Kinder's articles. I am on the same page with her politically. However, the length and tone of her articles make clear they are written for people who already agree with her - not for people on the fence or are looking for information on a topic”

 “Peri inspired some thoughts that I hadn't paid much attention to.”

“Peri's bigotry is showing. No one should have to apologize for their sex, race, income status, or sexual orientation, unless of course, according to Peri, you’re a straight white male in Utah. Replace white with black and male with female in her piece and maybe you’ll be able to recognize the vitriol for what it is. Women are entitled to safe, private spaces, and I guarantee that if there were a man pretending to be a woman ogling at Peri in the bathroom, she might feel just a wee bit uncomfortable. As a woman, I’m tired of feminists telling me to “just get over it” and  that my feelings don’t matter. Must I once again subjugate my desires in deference to a man who wants things his way? Maybe you should ask the girl in Virginia who was sexually assaulted by a transgender girl in the girls’ bathroom at school. Just because Peri doesn’t mind men in her bathroom doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t traumatized by it. The Legislature did absolutely the right thing, carefully balancing the rights of transgender people with women’s right to privacy and safe separate spaces.”

“Biological men do not belong in the same restroom as women. I do not want my children to ever be in a bathroom where a man is present. Just because the author has not encountered a “creepy man dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire, accosting women in the restroom,” does not mean this has not occurred. There are numerous cases where women have been assaulted by so called transgender info inside of women’s restrooms, for example, the case in Louden County VA.”

“I really like a lot of her articles but I am very opposed to pretty much everything she said in this one.”

“I agree with most of the comments about the legislature.  However, I do not want transgender (born male) in my women's bathroom.  They can use the family bathrooms which are becoming much more available.”

“Responding to "the article" as a whole cannot be done here because many different opinions were expressed on many issues.  My only reaction to the overall article is "what happened to laughter"?  I have often enjoyed your humor but this article had none!  That's sad.”

"I agree that Trans women should not be allowed in the female bathrooms. Why? Because they are not women. There are only two genders. There always have been two genders and that cannot change. It is not dependent on what we think we are or are not. We cannot and should not change the gender given to us by our Creator. I think He knows best.”

“Also, the author makes it sound like not allowing Trans women in a female bathroom is being thy neighbor. Since when does disagreeing with someone's lifestyle directly correlate to being unloving? In any relationship we have with others, there are likely times we don't fully agree with someone's opinion or choices. We can still love that person, but not agree with their actions or lifestyle. These days it seems that if you disagree in any way with diversity, equity and inclusion you are labeled a hater. How is it that everyone else is entitled to their opinion but if mine is different in any way, I am wrong. How is that loving? We live in a free country that allows us to have a variety of opinions and express those opinions in a respectful way. But we also have to understand that not everyone is going to agree with each other and that is OK. With the bathroom issue, single stall bathrooms that allow either gender is the best solution in my opinion."

“Agree 100%. Peri is right. Sometimes it is embarrassing to live in this state with the things the legislature worries about and focuses on, and the bills they pass.  There are more important problems to deal with than worrying about which bathrooms people are using, fighting DEI, and what books kids should or shouldn’t be reading. Frankly I think some of these things send the wrong message; I fear the kids are only learning that the adults don’t trust them to make good decisions. Or any decisions at all which will only lead to more problems down the road… an even more intolerant society with no critical thinking skills which is never a good thing.”

“This article is right. I couldn't agree more with all of Peri Kinder's articles. This one is my favorite. 

I usually read the Peri Kinder column to get a good chuckle but this one hit the nail right on the head.”

“Thanks for printing this.  I'm a trans woman who lives here and this was nice to see.  I worked at the airport before, now I'm looking for a new job.  It's been a rough couple of years for trans people and can seem overwhelming at times.  Thanks for reminding me there's allies out there.”

“Peri is so sensible.  I appreciate her writing this column.”

"I completely agree. We have a short legislative session and too much time and efforts were made supporting hatred and exclusion, singularity of thought and government being for themselves instead of for the people. 

Read the polls: none of this is what the majority of voters are asking for.”

“It is so refreshing to read an opinion driven by common sense and compassion, rather than ignorance and fear. I know people in Utah are more compassionate than those who represent them, based on proposed legislation.”

“I look forward to Peri Kinder's article every month. This article was especially "spot on". Government needs to be more transparent! Not hidden behind so called "privacy" laws that block access to to the daily calendar of elected officials. I also agree with Peri's stance on public restrooms. Nobody goes into a restroom 'looking for" a transgender. They are there to "do their business" and leave asap! I have noticed that airports, some restaurants, and some of the wonderful theaters (Pioneer Theatre's new Meldrum Theatre and The Eccles) have an open doorway. The stalls allow for individual privacy, but the rooms are open and very visible.  This is the first time I have used my scanning code. I felt it was important to express my point of view.”

“Acceptance has been slow over the years, but acceptance of the reality is gaining more support as people learn about their families.”

“I question the comments about guns in schools but clearly agree with the rest.” λ