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CDBG funding approved for ADA ramps, three nonprofits

May 06, 2024 04:24PM ● By Tom Haraldsen

South Jordan City leaders have approved their plan for using Community Development Block Grants for this year. (City Journals)

South Jordan City leaders have approved their plan for using Community Development Block Grants for this year. The city is in the final year of its five-year Annual Action Plan for disbursement of the federal money, which South Jordan has been receiving each year since 2012.

These federal funds are intended to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment, and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons. The city’s CDBG program is designed to support family and individual stability, self-reliance and prosperity.

Following a public hearing on April 2, the council approved funds for three public service projects and one ongoing municipal improvement project. The city expects to receive about $220,000 again this year, as it has in the past. Of that amount, 15% is used for public services, 20% for administrative costs, and the rest to take care of hard-costs associated with neighborhood improvements.

This year’s grant will be used as

The Legal Aid Society will be allocated $8,000, the South Valley Sanctuary will receive $15,000, and The Road Home will be given $10,000. The bulk of the grant will go towards ADA ramp upgrades for a total of $146,674.94, to be precise. 

According to the city’s website, in 2022, South Jordan City’s Public Works Department identified 1,184 ADA ramps throughout the community that need to be upgraded, including some that are not owned by the city. Beginning in PY24, the city’s Engineering Department will be reassessing the non-compliant ramps to further categorize which ones need more substantial work (grading, etc.) to bring them into compliance. 

Low- and moderate-income areas will help drive priority on these ADA upgrades. Since project funding amounts and bids affect which areas can be completed, the set of ramps to be upgraded will be determined when the project goes out to bid. It is expected that in addition to benefiting those with disabilities, ADA ramp upgrades benefit low and moderate income areas as well. About half of the LMI areas have been brought into compliance.

Administrative and planning services will be funded with the additional $44,000. λ