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Conservation fair highlights waterwise improvements

Jun 03, 2024 02:16PM ● By Peri Kinder

Tip 1: Planning and Design. Using the appropriate plants for sun, shade and wind can help sustain a beautiful garden. Visit to find free, professional designs to make a Utah-friendly landscape. (City Journals)

Small changes make a big difference. Last year the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District sent more than 1.6 billion gallons of water to the Great Salt Lake as a result of residents implementing waterwise conservation. 

JVWCD held a water conservation fair at its Conservation Garden Park (8275 S.1300 West) in West Jordan in May, educating gardeners on how to create the healthiest environment for lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs in the Salt Lake Valley. 

Here are seven suggested principles to create waterwise landscapes:

 Tip 2: Practical Turf Areas. Getting away from the idea of “big lawns,” JVWCD suggests spicing up your outdoor space with waterwise plants and trees, and a reasonable amount of turf or ground cover. (City Journals)

 Tip 3: Waterwise Plants. Drought-tolerant plants can add color, height and interest to your garden, without using a wasteful amount of water. Iris, daisies, catmint, ice plants and decorative grass are all examples of waterwise choices. (City Journals) 

 Tip 4: Efficient Irrigation. Learning where and how to plant trees is part of efficient irrigation that allows the trees to take root and bring long-lasting beauty to a landscape. Installing drip systems, maintaining irrigation and fixing leaks keep everything flowing. (City Journals)

 Tip 5: Soil Improvements. Overused soil often needs more nutrients to maintain healthy plants. Keep soil healthy by using organic materials and protect topsoil with moisture-retaining mulch. Avoid putting chemicals in the soil, if possible. (City Journals)

 Tip 6: Surface Mulches. Mulching with bark, wood chips and other plant materials protects against erosion and retains water. Mulch can also help control weeds and add color to the garden. (City Journals)

 Tip 7: Appropriate Maintenance. Even waterwise landscaping needs to be maintained. Weed control, fertilization, healthy pruning and non-chemical integrated pest management will keep the landscape looking good for years. (City Journals)

The Conservation Garden Park is free and open to the public on Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, visit