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South Jordan Journal

Out of this world fun at South Jordan library

Jun 05, 2024 03:26PM ● By Laura S. Crapo

South Jordan’s Star Party on June 14 will be held at the South Jordan Library at 10673 S. Redwood Road from 9 to 11 p.m. (Photo courtesy Darrin Crapo)

Save the date for South Jordan’s Star Party on June 14. It will be held at the South Jordan Library at 10673 S. Redwood Road from 9 to 11 p.m.

“The library turns off the parking lot lights and have activities inside for the kids,” said Aleta Cox, vice president of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society. “We’ve been blown away by the turnout for these Star Nights.” The SLAS promotes astronomy and encourages public education and interest.

The SLAS works in partnership with the Salt Lake County libraries to make these events successful. There are usually 10 to 12 telescopes set up per party. They are operated by SLAS members and are aligned to focus on particular views.

The SLAS agency members are very generous with their time and instruction. Astronomy is more than a hobby for them and they enjoy sharing their passion 

One request SLAS telescope members have is that their telescopes not be touched. They are very generous in sharing their views and information. Moving from one telescope to the next can help people see a slightly different view. There is a great variety in telescopes that alter their distance and clarity.

Some Star Party visitors are very interested in having a telescope of their own. “Buy the largest one you can afford and think about what you can carry,” advised Cox. Those interested in learning more about astronomy and the society are welcome to visit

Another party SLAS hosts may be surprising, but they have sun parties as well! They have one monthly and SUN! members from the SLAS set up their personal Solar telescopes to view the sun. Their scopes are properly filtered to make looking at the sun through them is very safe.

The sun is our nearest star. Those participating in a sun party can see sun spots, prominences and other interesting details on the sun’s surface. They are held from 9 am to 12 noon at Winchester Park, 6400 S. 1100 W. on the fourth Saturday each month. λ