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Chiro Fusion Sport and Spine

968 W. South Jordan Parkway
Suite B
South Jordan, UT 84095

The sports physicians of Chiro Fusion Sport and Spine sports rehab would like to thank you for visiting our site and tell you a little bit more about our philosophies and goals. Our beautiful clinic is truly one of a kind! Not only do we have competent, capable and friendly sports rehab physicians we also have a state of the art martial arts academy on site.

The ChiroFusion approach to treating pain and injuries is simple. We utilize the most current, effective approach in assessing bio-mechanical dysfunction, applying treatment, and creating personalized corrective exercise programs for each patient. We DO NOT believe in long term treatment plans. Our goal is to quickly identify the cause of your pain and eliminate it as fast as possible. In most cases we are able to do this within 3-6 visits, sometimes treatment can take longer depending on the injury and symptoms.

The name ChiroFusion comes from the seamless blending and integration of several treatment modalities. As chiropractic physicians we believe the treatment of the spine and the nervous system are truly important, but without the treatment of the soft tissues we are missing more than half of the potential problems! We utilize the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) for the treatment of soft tissues. You will be amazed how quickly the FDM can provide results on almost any type of injury(common injuries we treat). Our corrective exercise program is used by professional athletes all over the world. With specific exercises designed for each patient not only will you help protect your self from future injury, you will also increase your sports performance!

The physicians at ChiroFusion love to provide treatment for those who are actively engaged in the pursuit of their own physical excellence. Our treatments are designed for any activity level, from those just starting out to the professional looking to up their game. Don't hesitate to contact us immediately for all of your rehabilitation needs!